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We are sincerely pleased to see you on “Lerus” virtual office. On the web page of our virtual office you can find detailed information about the company and the services we offer.
We aspire to examine thoroughly ways of raising the standards of providing a service in the field of safety at sea and the efficient operation of marine transport. “LERUS” uses an individual approach to each client and appreciates long-term cooperation.

The company’s mission, vision, values and business principles are well defined by the top management. In addition, it is essential for us to be like-minded with our customers and partners.

Our team is ready to provide 24/7 services as follow: periodical inspection of life-saving appliances and fire-fighting equipment; annual and 5-year inspection of lifeboats, rescue boats, free-fall lifeboats as well as their launching appliances and release gears; technical and provision supply; underwater survey; underwater welding and cutting; underwater cleaning of hull; etc. We serve all ports and shipyards in Ukraine and a full list of our services are available on this site.

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Our Contacts
Addr: Ukraine,65003, Odessa
# 23 Chernomorskogo Kazachestva,
4th floor
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Mob +38 (093) 033 59 63
Messengers  Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram:
+38 (093) 033 59 63
E-mail: technical@lerus-online.com

Addr: Lerus Asia
Bulk 50, #01-10
Ubi Techpark,
Singapore 408565
Tel +65 8630 2527
Email:  lerus.asia@lerus-online.com

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